152 – A Mixed Bag

We decided to make a change regarding how we discuss various topics on the podcast. Mostly it’s becoming too difficult to have conversations without going into depth, and as a result it feels like we’re not really saying anything. So going forward we’re going to talk spoilers a lot more. Mostly every episode actually. We’ll warn you first every time though so don’t worry about getting blindsided.

This episode is on Avengers Endgame and we talk about it with the assumption that you’ve seen it first. If you haven’t you should before listening to this obviously. Go do that now, we’ll wait.
So how did we feel about this new Avengers as well-established fans of the franchise? I’ll give you a hint. It’s like someone took everything in the MCU, mixed it up in bag, and then poured it out into a new movie. Leaving the end product a lot like one of the characters that appears in it … bloated in the middle and less cool then expected. Give this episode a listen to find out what specific praise and complaints we had. Our answers might surprise you.

Also this makes two times in a row that we were a day late getting an episode up and I’m sorry for that. Just bad timing really, but I promise it’s nothing to worry about. We’ll be back on track before you know it! As always thanks for listening and please share with your friends!

Hello friends,
It’s podcast time, so here’s a podcast.
We held up our end, so you hold up yours: listen to it.

This one went a little long, so we didn’t have time to record sketches – sorry about that, they’re my favorite part too. Next time!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the show, and come back next time for more of whatever it is we’re doing here.


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