117 – S.O.C. – Charitable Donations


Well we finally did it. We made the first episode of our new segment called Stream of Consciousness. It’s where we play video games while discussing important issues and this time that important issue is charity. Well more specifically gaming and charity. It’s about how we raised money for a good cause by playing video games all night. We’re good people and you can be too.

Future topics could involve politics, religion and maybe even sports. Nothing is off topic and it’s a great way for us to share our feelings on current events with you, our dedicated audience. Okay probably not sports. The point is, we have things to say and this perfectly good podcast is just sitting here.

Let us know what you think, and please send any suggestions you may have on how we could improve. Thanks for listening and watching! See you next time!


Hello, bitches, it’s a video episode!
Watch us (well, Josh, because he’s an ego-maniac (just kidding, Josh)) play Destiny 2 and talk about stuff. And Jamie’s there, too! It’s a real humdinger!
I hope you like this format, ’cause we’re already planning a sequel in the near future!





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Topics mentioned: Destiny 2, Extra Life Game Marathon, Child’s Play

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