086 – The Great Debate



Let me get this out of the way first thing. Justin wasn’t in this episode and that’s something that’s never happened before. Even our less than stellar April Fools episode, which was created around the idea of Justin not being on the show, had him playing other characters. It’s something I’m not happy about and it is our intent to never have one of us missing again. That said, life is cruel sometimes but we still need to get an episode out every other week above all else. So no promises.

This was kind of the perfect episode for that to happen though, because we were never going to be the stars of it. That’s right we actually did it! We’re finally releasing the debate about whether Batman V Superman is a good movie! We have two people that are passionate on each side of that argument and I only acted as a mediator for the discussion. It’s their show this episode as shown by the fantastic job they did making said arguments. Let’s give it up for Nick Day and Martin Long! Now sit back and let their persuasive arguments wash over you. Maybe you’ll leave feeling differently about BvS than you did before listening.

See you next time where things hopefully get back to normal. Thanks for doing all the social media stuff that helps get our names out there. We appreciate you!


Holy crap, this is a first for ATWW, folks – and hopefully a last as well.
I’m not in this episode. Like, not even a little.
After scheduling, and rescheduling this damn Batman vs. Superman episode, like 6 times, when my car died the day before we were supposed to record this, I gave my blessing to do it without me. I’m not saying the episode suffers for it – I’m not saying it would have been better if I’d been there – I’m not even saying Josh is a bad friend for doing it without me after I told him to, even though I was expecting him to say, “No, no. You’re important to the show, we’ll reschedule *again* because you need to be here, and I value you as a human being, and as co-host of this podcast.”
I’m not saying *any* of those things.
Anyway, I think the episode came out pretty decent, all things considered. Thanks to Nick and Martin for being on the show again – sorry I missed you!

I honestly can’t wait for the next episode – Josh and I are going to get together – in the same room, even – and talk all about AMC’s Preacher.
If you haven’t seen it yet, try to get caught up by the 15th.



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